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Motorcycle Loan – 5.79% PenFed Summer Sale

Penfed logoThe sizzle of summer is upon us … what better time to invest in a new or used motorcycle? The wind in your hair, the freedom … it’s an experience that many of us enjoy. If you doubt your ability to afford a motorcycle, why not look into PenFed’s summer sale for motorcycle loans?

Posted by Carol Hansson on Tue, 22nd July, 2014

Patelco Vacation Loan Promotion – Win $3,000

patelco-logoSummer 2014 has finally arrived! Where are you planning to go for your vacation? Will it be a cross-country trip, visiting all the sites in the United States? Or perhaps warmer destinations like Mexico or Hawaii? Or are you dreaming about your ideal vacation in Europe?

If you are finding yourself short of cash when planning your holidays, there are a few options available, including a home equity line of credit or using your credit card. Or, you could take Patelco Credit Union’s offer for vacation loans between $500 and $3,000 –if you apply right now; you have a chance to win $3,000 toward your summer trip!


Posted by Carol Hansson on Tue, 8th July, 2014

Up to $10,000 off Mortgage Closing Costs from PenFed CU

Penfed logoAre you thinking of moving in the near future?

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union, PenFed, is offering two great options to save you money, through its Real Estate Rewards member program.

If you sign up for the program and use one of their network real estate agents, you can save up to $2,000 – or more; and if you enter the program, use a network real estate agent, arrange for a mortgage through a PenFed loan officer and put at least 15 percent down, you could save $4,733 or more on closing costs and mortgage origination fees!

Posted by Carol Hansson on Thu, 26th June, 2014

No-Cost HELOC thru August – MidFirst Bank

midfirst bank logoAre you considering renovations or improvements to your home, or would you like to go on that trip of a lifetime you’ve been waiting for?

From now until Aug. 31, 2014, MidFirst Bank is offering a no-cost home equity line of credit – with 1.00 percent APR for the first six billing cycles! Following that, the APR will be between 4.25 percent and 7.10 per cent depending on your credit history. The bank is also offering a $100 statement credit with a qualifying advance, a 0.50-percent loan rate discount – and no closing costs!


Posted by Carol Hansson on Wed, 18th June, 2014

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