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Are Credit Card Data Breaches on the Rise?

Identity thief holding credit card in front of laptopToday’s society is becoming increasingly dependent on “paying with plastic.” Whether we are using our cards just to garner travel points or cash back, or as a short-term loan, a credit card is a common item in the average U.S. resident’s wallet. At the end of 2009, 72.2 percent of consumers had at least one credit card.


Posted by Carol Hansson on Mon, 29th September, 2014

4 Top HELOC Loans to Consider

Cutout of a white house sitting in grassA Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) can provide you with the financial freedom to complete renovations in your home, go on the holiday you’ve always been wanting or whatever else your heart desires. A home equity line of credit is the ideal solution for someone who already has equity in their home, and wishes to use that equity for another purpose.

There’s are really excellent rates for HELOCs right how, and here are some top offers from around the web that your might not know about. [...more]

Posted by Carol Hansson on Wed, 17th September, 2014

Free stuff & VIP NFL experiences – Extra Points Visa credit card

nfl team credit cardsAre you a die-hard football fan? Do you want to show your team spirit—and earn points toward unique NFL experiences, game tickets or even cash back? The NFL Extra Points Visa credit card is the one for you!

Posted by Carol Hansson on Sat, 23rd August, 2014

Motorcycle Loan – 5.79% PenFed Summer Sale

Penfed logoThe sizzle of summer is upon us … what better time to invest in a new or used motorcycle? The wind in your hair, the freedom … it’s an experience that many of us enjoy. If you doubt your ability to afford a motorcycle, why not look into PenFed’s summer sale for motorcycle loans?

Posted by Carol Hansson on Tue, 22nd July, 2014

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