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People looking at personal finances and money marketNot many of us were brought up learning the ins and outs of personal finance in school or at home. Talking openly about money has always carried with it a bit of a stigma because of this lack of understanding, and most put off gaining a greater degree of comprehension because it seems overwhelming and confusing. However, to make the most of your income, credit, savings, and investments, it is necessary to understand how money works sooner rather than later. Whether it is getting a better handle on how to manage income taxes throughout the year, ramping up your budgeting game with tips and tricks, or knowing the best place to store your emergency cash, education regarding personal finance is a must. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to learn more about how their financial situation affects their situation now and well into the future, but we have you covered. Here, you can find helpful resources for managing your financial circumstances at your own pace, on your own terms.

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Rewards programs have been used for decades to entice customers to sign-up for credit cards and other financial packages. Today, borrowers have many options to choose from. From travel rewards programs to points for gas purchases, there are many different ways borrowers can be rewarded simply for spending money. But credit cards are not the […]

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How Millennials are Changing the Financial Sector and the Economy in General

The millennial generation is getting older and wealthier, although at a much slower pace than most of the previous generation. Nonetheless, now that millennials are moving further up the food chain, they are beginning to change the country in a number of ways.

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Boost Your Money Know-how for Financial Literacy Month

Not many people are brought up in an environment where finances are discussed openly and honestly, and few schools offer a financial literacy course to students at any stage of their educational journey. In recent years, however, the importance of financial literacy has grown exponentially, with employers, creditors, and consumers alike realizing that having an […]

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KeyBank Checking Account Promotion – Deposit $500, Get $200 Bonus

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Time to Spring Clean Your Personal Finances!

All Americans know that spring break starts in March (and for some, ends in April). Usually we take this opportunity to take a step back from our lives, relax and evaluate how the first quarter of the year has gone so far. But instead of melting into the couch for a week, or sailing off […]

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Family Finances – Tips to Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

Can you recall any memories of the fatherly advice you received in the earlier years of your life? I can remember being lectured on getting my first job and scolded for leaving the light on in my room. For many of us, our fathers – or any parental figure for that matter – guided our […]

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6 Top Savings Accounts of 2017

savings account is one of the most elementary aspects of your personal finances. However, many Americans seldom pay attention to the details of their bank account and instead focus on other issues, such as credit card debt or saving for retirement. While there are many important aspects of personal finance that require attention, your savings […]

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Predatory lending is still a major issue in the United States. The phenomenon of predatory lending is not new but has morphed significantly over the decades. Fraudulent and even malicious cases of abusive lending practices have become numerous enough that local legislatures are beginning to respond. In 2010, voters in Montana slapped a 36 percent […]

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The Landscape of the Global Economy in 2017

Last year, political turmoil managed to extend into the already embattled global economy. Voter’s in Britain and the United States upended the global political and economic landscape. This year may prove to be just as tumultuous as 2016. Although international markets have been taking a beating from every direction for the past two years, the […]

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Automated Clearing House Network and Transfers – Upcoming Changes

Banking services are a fundamental part of our economy and few of these services are more essential than money transfer. In fact, the facilitation of money transfer has been considered a fundamental service for centuries, with evidence of money transfer services stretching all the way back to the Roman Empire. With advances in technology over […]

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