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People looking at personal finances and money marketNot many of us were brought up learning the ins and outs of personal finance in school or at home. Talking openly about money has always carried with it a bit of a stigma because of this lack of understanding, and most put off gaining a greater degree of comprehension because it seems overwhelming and confusing. However, to make the most of your income, credit, savings, and investments, it is necessary to understand how money works sooner rather than later. Whether it is getting a better handle on how to manage income taxes throughout the year, ramping up your budgeting game with tips and tricks, or knowing the best place to store your emergency cash, education regarding personal finance is a must. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to learn more about how their financial situation affects their situation now and well into the future, but we have you covered. Here, you can find helpful resources for managing your financial circumstances at your own pace, on your own terms.

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Predatory Lending is Still an Issue – Learn How to Protect Yourself from Payday Loans

Predatory lending is still a major issue in the United States. The phenomenon of predatory lending is not new but has morphed significantly over the decades. Fraudulent and even malicious cases of abusive lending practices have become numerous enough that local legislatures are beginning to respond. In 2010, voters in Montana slapped a 36 percent […]

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The Landscape of the Global Economy in 2017

Last year, political turmoil managed to extend into the already embattled global economy. Voter’s in Britain and the United States upended the global political and economic landscape. This year may prove to be just as tumultuous as 2016. Although international markets have been taking a beating from every direction for the past two years, the […]

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Automated Clearing House Network and Transfers – Upcoming Changes

Banking services are a fundamental part of our economy and few of these services are more essential than money transfer. In fact, the facilitation of money transfer has been considered a fundamental service for centuries, with evidence of money transfer services stretching all the way back to the Roman Empire. With advances in technology over […]

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March Interest Rate Hike is Becoming More Likely

Across the world, governments and economies are being shaken to the core. Political tensions and economic uncertainty have risen sharply over the past year. Additionally, the global economy is being tested in new ways. Global trade is weak and political tensions may hamper trade even further, while debt issues loom large in nearly every wealthy […]

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IRS Tax Payment Options – When You Owe More Than You Can Afford

Tax season can be a bit of a drag if you have paid too little to Uncle Sam throughout the year. Withholding too little from W2 income, not calculating self-employment tax burdens, or skipping quarterly payments due on additional earned income can create a situation where you owe money to the IRS. In some cases, […]

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Valentine’s Day – Fun Facts to Know

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. Couples new and old celebrate with romantic dinners, weekend getaways, and of course, all the chocolate and candy one’s heart may desire. Although Valentine’s Day is well-known throughout the world as a holiday for celebrating relationships, there are most likely a handful of […]

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File Federal and State Taxes for Free – H&R Block

Like clockwork, tax season brings about excitement for some and loathing for others, each and every year. While some prefer to work directly with an accountant or other tax professional to get the job done, others are jumping on the do-it-yourself train. The enhancements in technology over the last decade have made the process of […]

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The Fed’s Recent Interest Rate Hike – Helped or Hurt You?

At the end of last year, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate for the second time since the subprime mortgage crisis. The move came as a shock to some considering the sharp increase in global political tension following the Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump. Nonetheless, the central bank voted to […]

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Overview of Tax Write-offs & Deduction Types – for Your 2016 Taxes

The beginning of the year comes with talk of shedding the extra pounds brought on by the holiday season, replenishing savings, and other common resolutions that are meant to better the upcoming year. But the start of a new year is also fueled by thoughts regarding the inevitable tax season. Planning what to do with […]

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Cashing in on Unwanted Gift Cards

Giving gift cards instead of cash or other gifts has become a common theme for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings and the like. They are easy to use online or in-store, and they offer the same value as cash on hand. Unfortunately, gift cards have the potential to miss the mark; receiving the cash-like gift for a […]

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