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Searching for the best credit card deal can be a bit overwhelming. Should you get a standard, prepaid or secured card; student, business, or travel one? makes it easy to research, find and apply for credit cards of all types. We've categorized them by brand, benefit, issuer and type to make it super-simple for you to compare offers and get the perfect one for your needs. You can review and compare some of the best credit cards below, then click Apply Now to apply securely online.

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✎ Editor's Note

When researching credit cards for individuals or businesses, there several things to look for to help you save money and get the best perks. Interest rates, cash back rewards, cash advance fees, and bonus miles are just some of the most common options considered. It's up to you, the applicant, to determine which features and terms are the most important to you.

If you plan on paying off your balance each month, then bonuses and rewards might be more beneficial than a low annual percentage rate (APR). But, if you carry a high revolving balance, then a lower interest rate card would probably make more sense. Either way, you'll want to read the cardholder agreement carefully to ensure you don't miss other important terms and conditions.

Why Get a Credit Card

Credit cards are a great way for businesses and consumers to pay for products and services without having to have cash on hand. They're also extremely helpful for making purchases online, over the telephone, and in-store. Most brand-name merchants and websites accept secure credit card payments to help minimize malicious activity.

They are also a great way to establish or rebuild your credit. If your application is not accepted for an unsecured card, then you may want to consider a secured card to get your credit back on track, or build it for the first time.

The terms you'll get approved for are mostly dependent on your income and credit worthiness, which is often categorized as excellent, good, average, fair, bad or no credit history.

Types of Cards

When looking to apply for a credit card, there are several different types and benefits to consider: business, student, travel, cash back, low APR, 0% balance transfer, instant approval, gas, dining, airline, debit and prepaid cards.

Issuers and Brands

Almost every major bank and credit union offer some form of credit or debit card. Here's a list of some of the most well-know card issuers you may be familiar with: American Express®, Bank of America, Capital One®, Citi®, Discover®, First PREMIER® Bank, and JP Morgan Chase®. The four major brands are Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®. There's also the Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) brand which is very popular in Japan, and gaining traction in other parts of the world.

Approval Process

Often times the companies will give you instant approval if you apply for a card online. However, some times when applying over the Internet additional time may be needed to approve an application, depending on each individual's credit situation.

Secure Application

When applying through one of the major card issuer's websites, you can rest assured your application is being processed over a secure internet connection, usually SSL. You can verify this by looking at the address bar in your browser when submitting your application. Typical web addresses will start with "http:", but secure web addresses will begin with "https:", noting the "s" for secure. The change from a regular connection to an encrypted one usually takes place automatically on the application form and submission page.

* We make every reasonable effort to provide you with the most accurate offer information available; however, it's still important to review the terms and conditions set-forth on each card issuer's website. All information is presented here without warranty of any kind. Click on the "Apply Now" button to review the corresponding application page and fill out the online application form.