Top Credit Monitoring Services - Identity Theft, Credit Report & Score

Man monitoring credit score at desk on tabletIt's a great idea to keep a constant watch on your credit history report and score. Being proactive can help you quickly resolve identity theft, fraud and other issues should they arise. It will also help you prevent them from happening to you, which can save you a major headache and considerable time.

Luckily, there are several services that will monitor your Equifax, TransUnion and Experian credit profiles, and quickly notify you via an SMS text message, phone call or email alert whenever suspicious activity on your account takes place. You can also get a yearly free credit report from each of the 3 major credit bureaus through Annual Credit Report, but its important to know the reports issued through there do not include a credit score, or allow you to set up alerts without paying an additional subscription fee. Compare our favorite partner offers below an choose the best service for your needs.

Compare Credit Monitoring Services

FICO Score & Credit Report Monitoring

myFICO logo

Track your FICO® Scores & 1 credit report online

  • Monthly access to a new Equifax credit report & 9 FICO® Scores commonly used in mortgage, auto and credit card lending
  • Get identity theft victim assistance from a certified resolution specialist
  • Patented FICO® Score Simulator featuring FICO® Score 8
  • Monitoring of your Equifax credit report and tracking of your FICO® Score 8 on a historical tracking graph for $19.95/mo

VantageScore & Credit Report Monitoring

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3 Credit Bureau Monitoring + ID Theft Protection

  • Tracks your identity to detect illegal use of your information
  • Prompt alerts are sent via mobile text and email
  • Advanced ID theft and fraud monitoring
  • Equifax, Experian & TransUnion credit report and score tracking for $19.95/mo
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100% FREE Identity Protection

  • Free powerful identity theft protection
  • Free effortless credit monitoring
  • Free TransUnion credit report
  • Upgrade to 3 credit bureau monitoring and get score for $9.95/mo

* We make every reasonable effort to provide you with the most accurate offer information available; however, it's still important to review the terms and conditions set-forth on each company's website. All information is presented here without warranty of any kind. Click on each of the links above to review additional details, sign up for a trial offer or take advantage of the credit services.