American Airlines CU Offering 1.00% APR Discount on Holiday Loans

American Airlines Credit Union logoThe last two months of the year represent one of the most expensive seasons. Traveling to visit friends and family, attending work holiday parties and gift exchanges, crossing off items on the ever-growing present lists and taking care of regular life expenses add up quickly. The combination of these costs can create a less than ideal cash-flow situation, leaving individuals and families searching for respite in credit cards or personal loans. If the budget is in dire straits as the holiday season for 2015 comes full force, a short-term loan may provide a smart, cost-effective solution.

Now through January 15, 2016, American Airlines Credit Union is offering its members a holiday loan promotion with rates as low as 16.50%. Individuals have the ability to borrow up to $1,200 with no collateral, and can extend repayment as long as 12 months. A discount of 1.00% is available to borrowers who utilize American Airlines Credit Union’s online application process through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Individuals must qualify for the personal loan based on credit history and score, and accounts with the credit union must be in good standing. For members without exemplary credit, a higher rate may be available.

American Airlines Credit Union requires individuals to be members prior to accessing products or services offered. To become a member of American Airlines Credit Union, an individual must meet one of the following criteria:

Personal Loans up to $35,000 at

Get a Personal Loan up to $35,000

  • Choose from peer-to-peer loans, installment loans, and traditional bank loans
  • Simple and secure online loans from a vast network of trusted lenders
  • Use for a vacation, to pay off medical expenses, debt consolidation or something else
  • Get approved within minutes and receive next-day funding
  • Any individual who is an active or retired employee of American Airlines, Inc. or American Eagle Airlines
  • Any individual who is an active or retired employee of the Air Transportation Industry, including employees or airlines or airports, those in administration or regulation of security of airlines, airports or air transportation, or employees of companies that have a strong dependency relationship with airlines or airports
  • Any individual who is an immediate family member of a current American Airlines Credit Union member

American Airlines Credit Union has a strong 80-year history of providing employees of the airline industry with quality banking products and services. The credit union manages more than $5.6 billion in deposits and currently serves more than 249,000 members. Branch locations for the credit union are made available in most major airports, and ATMs are available through the Co-op ATM Network.

Individuals interested in the holiday loan promotional offer through American Airlines Credit Union can speak with a member service representative at any one of the full-service branch location, may call 800-533-0035, or may gather additional information or apply online.

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