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One Application, up to 4 auto loan offers in minutes.

One Application, up to 4 auto loan offers in minutes

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  • Up to 4 loan offers in minutes

About this Auto Loan Calculator

This is one of the best auto loan calculators that is simple to use to help you calculate your monthly car payments online for free. Simply enter your loan amount, length in months, and the interest percentage rate details to calculate your estimated monthly payments. This simple calculator can be used to calculate the monthly payment amount for any vehicle or personal loan with fixed monthly payments.

Use it to calculate monthly payment amounts for any new or used motor vehicle such as a car, truck, motorhome, SUV, or others. It can also be used to estimate your monthly payment on a commercial vehicle such as a large diesel truck or other business transportation vehicles.

Typical automobile loans are thirty-six, forty-eight, sixty and seventy-two months long. However, 6 months is by far the most common car loan repayment length.

Be sure to subtract your down payment or trade-in value from the total loan amount, and include any extras that might get added on such as undercoating and yearly servicing prepayments in your calculations.

Although we make a reasonable effort to provide you with helpful and accurate information, this tool should not be considered legal advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified auto loan professional to get the most accurate information as it pertains to your particular circumstances.