Capital One offering 100K Bonus Miles to Venture and VentureOne Credit Cardholders who Purchase or Refinance a Home

Capital One logoIn the world of financial priorities, buying a home sits steadily at the top of the list for most individuals. Owning real estate is a common way to accumulate wealth over time, and when equity builds in a residential property, a home can act as collateral for a range of lending products. But before any of those things can take place, you have to first get into a home without breaking the bank. Finding the right deal in terms of down payment assistance, reduction in closing costs, or other financial benefit from the lender is step number one.

Currently, Capital One is offering a unique benefit to individuals who purchase or refinance a mortgage with the bank who also own a Venture or VentureOne credit card. Up to 100,000 bonus miles – the equivalent of $1,000 – are available to card members who utilize Capital One for a new home purchase or refinance transaction. Applications for a new home loan must be submitted via phone and eligible borrowers have to mention the code PARADISE when speaking with a mortgage specialist in order to qualify for the bonus.

The promotional bonus miles are applied to the accountholder’s Venture or VentureOne account within 60 days of closing on the new loan with no strings attached. However, a few requirements are necessary to qualify for the new mortgage. Borrowers are subject to the same credit qualifications as any other loan, and must stay within certain property guidelines to secure a new home loan. Additionally, the bonus miles are not available for borrowers who select assumption or modification home loans, home equity lines of credit, or home equity loans.

For Capital One Venture and VentureOne card members, the ability to accumulate a substantial number of miles is an attractive offer. Through the travel-focused credit cards, miles are redeemed as a statement credit for qualified purchases, including:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel stays
  • Rental cars

Both the Capital One Venture and VentureOne cards require an excellent credit history to qualify, and cardholders must be in good standing with the bank to qualify for the mortgage bonus miles promotion.

Headquartered in Virginia, Capital One serves an estimated 45 million customers and remains one of the 10 largest banks within the United States based on customer deposits. The bank operates more than 800 branch locations throughout the country but has the heaviest presence in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Louisiana.

Venture and VentureOne card members interested in the 100,000 bonus for a new home purchase or refinance with Capital One can gather more information by calling 1-855-624-8550, or by visiting the bank online.

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