Car Buying Guide

car buying guideBuying a new car can be a stressful process. Especially for new car buyers. If you're in the market for a new or used vehicle, we've put together this effective guide to help you through the process.

In this FREE guide:

  1. Planning for a New Car
  2. Doing Your Homework
  3. Buying vs. Leasing
  4. Leasing Pros & Cons
  5. Buying Tips & Tricks
  6. New vs. Used Cars
  7. Automobile Financing
  8. Types of Insurance Coverage
  9. Choosing an Insurance Company
  10. Saving on Auto Insurance

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Once you've downloaded this free PDF e-book guide you'll be pleased to find a ton of great content. It takes you step-by-step through the car buying process to help you identify the best available options, and find the right vehicle for your specific needs.

Planning - Sounds simple enough, but if you don't have a plan you could easily find yourself in over your head. This chapter provides some simple guidance to help you get started by figuring out your budget, understanding the impact of your creditworthiness and score, and identifying they right vehicle for you.

Researching - A little research ahead of time can save you a major headache in the long run, and even some money too. This section covers rebates & incentives, dealer invoice pricing, crash test results, available options and competing prices.

Leasing vs. Buying - Many people don't even consider leasing an automobile, but some times it really is the best option. This chapter helps you understand the cost of leasing an automobile versus that of buying one.

Leasing Tips - Covers the pros and cons of leasing a car, items to consider when shopping around, questions to ask the salesman about the auto lease agreement, and common contractual traps.

Buying Tips - Many people think they have a pretty good grasp on what it means to buy a car; however, what they don't realize is the dealers use a ton of proven techniques to "trick" you into accepting their preferred terms, which can cost you thousands over the life of your loan. This chapter covers common dealer "tricks" and buyer mistakes.

New vs. Used - Includes an overview of the risks of buying a new or used car, covers the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of vehicles, and important considerations to keep in mind when visiting the dealer.

Financing - This section provides and overview of the different sources of financing, how interest rates are determined, and questions to ask the auto lender.

Insurance Coverage - A brief summary of the common types of automobile insurance coverage, and some considerations for determining how much insurance to carry.

Insurance Companies - Helpful information to for choosing the best insurance company for your specific needs, and provides insight into what factors affect the price of an individual's insurance policy.

Insurance Savings - Many people could probably save quite a few bucks on what they are already paying for car insurance by following these super-effective money saving tips.

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