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People looking at personal finances and money marketNot many of us were brought up learning the ins and outs of personal finance in school or at home. Talking openly about money has always carried with it a bit of a stigma because of this lack of understanding, and most put off gaining a greater degree of comprehension because it seems overwhelming and confusing. However, to make the most of your income, credit, savings, and investments, it is necessary to understand how money works sooner rather than later. Whether it is getting a better handle on how to manage income taxes throughout the year, ramping up your budgeting game with tips and tricks, or knowing the best place to store your emergency cash, education regarding personal finance is a must. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to learn more about how their financial situation affects their situation now and well into the future, but we have you covered. Here, you can find helpful resources for managing your financial circumstances at your own pace, on your own terms.

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Veteran’s Day is now here and I’m reminded about my own tour of service in the U.S. Army, way back in the early 80s. The country had recently exited the Vietnam War and folks were trying to heal from that trauma. Unfortunately, the U.S. military suffered, insofar as its reputation was concerned.

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Broker or Fiduciary? The Wrong Choice Could Cost You Thousands

When it comes to maximizing wealth over your lifetime, and making the wisest financial choices in general, almost nothing matters more than who you turn to for advice.  And in this day and age of constant, aggressive advertising, it’s easier than ever to get caught up in the glitzy marketing of finance firms pushing their […]

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What to Do When You’re Turned Down for a Loan

It can be devastating to have your loan application denied, but it’s not uncommon. While it will be difficult to adjust in the moment, it really is a situation where you’re able to make lemonade from lemons – if you know how. Why were you denied credit? When you apply to any financial institution for […]

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8 Steps to Budgeting and Keeping a Close Eye on Your Finances

Budgeting has gotten a bad rap. It’s not all about reusing paper towels and stockpiling money under the mattress. It’s definitely not about depriving yourself. Budgeting is all about telling your money where to go so you won’t wonder where it all went. Doesn’t that sound nice? Of course it does! But how do you […]

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5 Major Financial Mistakes We Keep Committing

As individuals, Americans are not directly in control of macroeconomic policy in the United States, but our behaviors impact the economy in a collective manner. For example, now that the economy is recovering, consumers are spending again, giving it an additional boost. But much of this spending is also fueling a significant rise in consumer […]

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