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Student loans atop text books on desk with piggy bank and chalkboardAs the cost of attending college continues to rise, the need for financing options to manage education expenses is pressing for millions of individuals. Student loans are made available direct through the federal government, but for some, it isn’t enough. Private student loans are a method to get the funding you need to finish a degree program, or to consolidate and refinance current student loan balances. Several student loan lenders offer attractive loan terms for extended repayment, variable or fixed interest rates, and budget-friendly monthly payment options, but it can be difficult to navigate the growing number of lenders and offers. Here, we’ve put together helpful borrower tips along with the best private student loan options from a variety of lenders to make your search for the right education funding or refinancing a little easier.

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The need to earn a college degree is no longer an option for those graduating high school. Shifts in the job market have moved toward requiring some level of higher education for entry-level positions in most career fields, putting pressure on students to extend their learning and experience beyond their senior year. However, millions of […]

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Breaking Down Student Loan Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

Millions of people carry the burden of paying for a college education well beyond graduation. Student loans make it possible for many to earn a degree without fronting a significant amount of cash out of their own pockets. But whether loans are funded through federal programs or private lenders, it can seem like a never-ending […]

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Why Rushing Repayment of Student Loan Debt Is a Terrible Idea

A quick online search about whether or not speeding up the arduous task of paying off student loan debt is in a borrower’s best interest will return thousands of conflicting “expert” answers. Each article retrieved from the almighty web will have someone’s personal take on why expediting repayment is the best decision. The truth is, […]

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The Business of Student Loan Debt – An Investors Paradise

More than 40 million borrowers throughout the United States owe a collective $1.3 trillion in federal and private student loans. With the average loan balance of more than $30,000 and a monthly payment ranging between a few hundred to more than $1,000, student loan borrowers can find it difficult to make ends meet each month. […]

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5 Crushing Consequences of Student Debt

Many economists are arguing that student debt is the new financial bubble we should all be worrying about, with ominous consequences in store for the economy at large, and certainly for individual debtors. Before deciding whether to add your name to the 44 million Americans collectively owing $1.4 trillion in educational debt, consider these five […]

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Defaulting on Your Student Loan? What Your Need to Know

Keeping up with student loan debt is a financial hurdle millions of borrowers face each year. With more than $1.3 trillion owed collectively among more than 40 million borrowers, it is no surprise that student loan default is a hot topic. Failing to pay student debt on time each month can have drastic effects on […]

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How Billions in Student Loan Debt May Soon Disappear

You’d be hard-pressed to scroll through any major news outlet without seeing a story about the growing student loan debt crisis, and for a good reason. Over the last five years, the average student loan debt owed by graduating college students has risen 15%, resting, for now, at a little more than $32,000 per borrower. […]

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3 Hallmarks of a Great Student Loan

Taking out a student loan could be one of the most significant financial decisions you ever make.  Your ability to pay the loan back at all is entirely dependent on how you fare post-graduation.  Competition for top-tier jobs is fierce at the best of times, and the type of economy you will inherit upon graduation […]

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3 Strategies to Slash Your Student Loan Debt

Do you have a pile of student debt that’s keeping you up at night and causing waves of anxiety during the day?  You’re not alone.  Student debt is one of America’s largest financial crises, and one of our country’s most ominous financial bubbles.  Student loans are notoriously risky, because your entire promise of repayment (or […]

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Smart Ways to Pay for College – Save Early and Know Your Options

Attending a college or university and earning a degree is a large part of setting yourself up for success well into the future. Most employers require potential hires to have completed at least some level of higher education before a job offer is made, and for better or worse, more weight is placed on earning […]

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