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About this Credit Card Calculator

This is one of the best free and simple to use credit card payment calculators to help you estimate how much money you will have to pay each month to pay off your credit card balances within a specified length on time. Simply enter your outstanding balance amount, length in months, and the annual percentage rate details to calculate your estimated monthly payments. This online credit card calculator can be used to calculate the monthly payment amount to payoff credit cards, personal loans, student loans, and other account balances. However, some other types of loans may have early payment fees and penalties.

Typical credit card agreements don’t have an end date because they are revolving balances. However, it can be helpful to know how much money you’ll have to pay each month if you would like to get your balance to zero, or if you would like to pay off your card and close your account. Credit card calculators can help you estimate these numbers using your current balance, interest rate and desired payoff date.

Although we make a reasonable effort to provide you with helpful and accurate information, this tool should not be considered legal advice. Please seek the advice of a credit lending professional to get the most accurate information as it pertains to your particular circumstances.