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H&R Block logo squareLike clockwork, tax season brings about excitement for some and loathing for others, each and every year. While some prefer to work directly with an accountant or other tax professional to get the job done, others are jumping on the do-it-yourself train. The enhancements in technology over the last decade have made the process of filing your taxes from the comfort of your pajamas a breeze, but there are often costs involved. Fortunately, some tax preparation software options allow you to file your federal and state taxes with no out-of-pocket expense.

New DIY Tax Preparation Option

H&R Block recently rolled out a new tax preparation choice for do-it-yourselfers: H&R Block More Zero, free edition. For a limited time, individuals who plan to file a 1040EZ, 1040A, or 1040 with Schedule A can utilize the software and pay nothing when they file online. This benefits individuals who have mortgages who opt to itemize deductions since most other tax preparation programs require some form of payment for the additional form(s) needed to file properly.

Benefits of Using H&R Block to Prepare Your Taxes

H&R Block is one of the leading tax preparation companies within the United States, founded in 1955. Since that time, more than 680 million tax returns have been prepared, and retail locations have sprung up throughout all 50 states. The company prides itself on generating the best tax outcome possible for filers, whether that is through its expert software or face-to-face. With the help of its free edition, tax filers get the following perks included at no cost:

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  • W-2 Snap-a-pic, allowing individuals to take a picture of their W-2 and quickly upload it into the software for review
  • Automatic import of tax filing information from other tax preparation services
  • Step-by-step guidance which offers insight into the credits and deductions applicable to certain filer situations
  • Refund Reveal that shows how much a refund moves up or down throughout the process, and the reason behind the move

In addition to these benefits, tax filers also get the maximum refund, audit support, and 100% accuracy guarantees backed by H&R Block. Best of all, tax preparation is made simple with the program’s personal touches throughout the input process and expert help available when needed.

Price Comparison of Other Top Companies

The H&R Block Free Edition stands out among tax preparation competitors because there are no hidden or last-minute fees attached to filing state of federal returns, even when you have a mortgage. TurboTax offers a free edition up until itemized deductions are added in, making the total bill just under $72 for most filers ($34.99 for federal filing and $36.99 per state filing). Similarly, Tax Act’s Always Free edition tacks on $15 for federal filing and $25 per state filing when itemized deductions are needed, making the fee to file $40 at best. H&R Block is the only leading tax preparation software that includes itemized deductions in its free edition and adds in the benefits listed above.

Filing your taxes this year doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. If you have a relatively simple tax situation, and a home mortgage that creates the need for itemized deductions, H&R Block’s free edition tax preparation and filing software is the most cost-effective choice.

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