Free Financial Calculators

financial calculatorWe've put together a number of free online financial related calculators to help businesses and consumers estimate the costs of some of the most common lending services used by most. These include paying off an existing loan, calculating how much interest you might pay over time, or how long it will take to earn a certain amount of money. Each of these simple calculators are meant to help you make smart financial decisions the next time you need to make a major purchase or put some money away in your savings.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

This advanced mortgage payment calculator helps you estimate what the monthly mortgage payment will be on a property loan, and calculates the total principal and interest you'll pay throughout the entire repayment period. Just enter the loan amount, length, annual percentage rate, and start date, to calculate your estimated monthly payment. It can be used to calculate the payment details of any real estate loan with a fixed-rate APR.

Auto Loan Calculator

This simple automobile loan calculator allows you to estimate your monthly car loan payments online. Simply enter the loan amount, length of loan (in months), and the interest rate to calculate the estimated amount you'll have to pay each month. You can use it to calculate the monthly payment amount for any vehicle or personal loan with fixed monthly payments.

Credit Card Calculator

A free simple credit card payment calculator to use for estimating how much money you will have pay each month to pay off your credit card balance within a specified amount of time. Simply enter your current balance amount, how many months you'd like to pay it off in, and your current APR, to calculate the estimated monthly payment amount. This online calculator can also be used to calculate the monthly payment amount a personal loan, student loan, or similar.

401k Retirement Calculator

This free simple 401k retirement calculator is great for helping you estimate how much money you could have in your 401 k retirement savings plan after so many years. Simply enter your yearly salary, 401k contribution (as a percentage), employer matching (if any), expected rate of return, and the number years until you plan on retiring. This will give you a rough estimate of how much money will be in your 401k savings account when your retire.

Compound Interest Calculator

Similar to the 401k retirement savings calculator, this simple compound interest calculator helps you estimate how much an investment will be worth at the end of the a specific compounding period. Simply enter your initial investment amount (the principal), the interest rate (as a percentage), and the years for it to compound. This will help you figure out how much money you will have at the end, approximately, if your money compounds yearly.

Mortgage Payment Calculator - Simple

This simple mortgage payment calculator helps you estimate monthly mortgage payments online. Simply enter the loan amount, length (in years), and the interest rate percentage to calculate the estimated monthly payment. It be used to calculate the monthly payment amount for any home or personal loan with a fixed monthly payment.

We currently have several other financial calculators in the works too, and are continuously working to improve on these ones even further. But if for any reason you can't find the one you're looking for here, or have suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to send us a message via our contact form, or through your favorite social network. We appreciate all of the feedback we get from you, and will definitely take it into consideration.