Free Financial Guides

We've put together a number of free online financial related guides to help consumers and businesses get a better understanding crucial financial services familiar to most of us. Each of these guides are readable online via our website, plus there are downloadable PDF document available too. That way you can easily download them to your favorite handheld devices, such as an iPhone / iPad, or computer, then print them out if you want to.

Credit Card Guide

free credit card basics guideOur free credit card basics guide covers the vital things consumers and businesses should pay attention to when shopping for a new credit card, and goes over helpful way to get the most out of your card holder account.

  • Brief history of credit cards, their origin, and how they've changed over the years
  • Overview of common card terminology that's important for cardholders to know
  • Covers the different types credit cards available on the market
  • Typical fees account holders should be aware of and look out for
  • A variety of safety tips to help avoid identity theft, and financial losses
  • Includes several other major sections critical for you to know...

Mortgage Guide

free mortgage basics guideThis free mortgage basics guide was put together to help people find the best home loan for their individual needs, and informs homeowners of ways to ensure they don't default on their mortgage loan. It provide numerous helpful tips around these important topics:

  • Covers the most common loan types available, and various options
  • Familiarizes readers with different lender resources
  • Provides and overview of how rates are set and affected by a person's credit score
  • Normal costs home buyers can almost always expect to pay to finalize closing
  • Goes over the overall mortgage process, beginning with shopping for a loan
  • Covers many other critical topics you don't want to miss...

Car Buying Guide

free car buying basics guideThis free car buying basics guide we wrote provides new car seekers with really solid advice for finding a good deal on a new automobile, auto loan, and insurance. Here's a short overview of the what you'll find inside the guide:

  • Checking your budget, credit, and researching different cars to suit your needs
  • Weighs the pros and cons of leasing versus buying a vehicle
  • Covers the benefits of a new vs. used, car and vice versa
  • Overview of the typical financing options available to the majority of people
  • Provides helpful automobile insurance tips to help you get the best coverage and rate
  • There's a ton of great content, so be sure download this guide today...

Debt Management Guide

free debt management basics guideThis free debt management basics guide was written to help people who need to get control of their spending habits, credit and debt. Here's a list of some of the information you can expect to find inside the e-book:

  • Understanding the the causes of personal debt, 'good' vs. 'bad' debt, and debt load
  • Three of the top ways for homeowners to consolidate their debt
  • Options most people can consider when cleaning up and consolidating debt
  • An overview of professional counseling services and debt management programs
  • The types of bankruptcy, the pros & cons, consequences and myths
  • If you think you need help it's best not to wait, so be sure download this free guide today...

We currently have several other financial eBooks in the works too, but if for any reason you can't find the one you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to send us a message via our contact form, or through your favorite social network. We appreciate all of the feedback we get from you, and will definitely consider writing a new book on your requested topic if it's a good match for a large enough portion of our readers.