Supreme Lending offering Educators $800 off Closing Costs of a Home Purchase or Refinance Loan

Eductor Mortgage Loan Program by Supreme Lending logoHomeownership is a dream most people have at one point or another during their lifetime, but finding the dollars to make the dream a reality can be a challenge. For those in certain careers, like educators, coaches, and librarians, cash flow each month is often lower than individuals who work in other fields. With a lower income, setting aside money to save toward a down payment or closing costs for a purchase or refinance is a daunting task. Fortunately, there are mortgage lenders who work specifically with people in these career fields, offering several programs to make homeownership and refinancing less burdensome from a financial perspective.

The Offer

The Educator Mortgage Program, through Supreme Lending, is currently offering a discount on closing costs for qualified borrowers seeking a new mortgage for a home purchase or refinance. Up to $800 is credited toward certain HUD-1 closing costs, based on the amount borrowed. The maximum closing cost credit allowed is the lesser of 0.20% or $800, and all mortgage programs offered through Supreme Lending are eligible for the promotion.

The lender credit received by the homeowner may be applied toward lender fees, prepaid taxes or insurance, or charges for establishing the escrow account. No portion of the closing cost credit may be used toward reducing the down payment amount. Each borrower listed on a mortgage purchase or refinance application must qualify based on creditworthiness, including a review of credit history, score, income, and other outstanding debt obligations.

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Educator Mortgage through Supreme Lending offers several mortgage loan programs to qualified borrowers who work in the field of education. Conventional mortgage loans, first-time homebuyer programs, mortgage refinancing, and FHA home loans are all available to borrowers who meet specific program requirements.

About Educator Mortgage and Supreme Lending

Based in Dallas, Texas, Educator Mortgage is an equal housing opportunity lender backed by Supreme Lending. The company focuses its efforts on assisting teachers and other individuals working in education reach their home ownership goals. Loans provided by Educator Mortgage and Supreme Lending are underwritten by Everett Financial, Inc.

Teachers and other educators interested in the discounted closing costs offered by Supreme Lending may gather additional information or apply by contacting a mortgage specialist at 1-855-720-2040 or by visiting the lender online.

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