5 Top Credit Repair Companies – Improve Your Credit Report and Score

Hand cleaning word credit with spongeHaving a spotted credit history is an unfortunate circumstance that can affect anyone. A missed payment (or two), a bankruptcy filing, or an account in collections all have a negative impact on your financial reputation, represented by your credit history and score. Bad credit gives future lenders, employers, and insurance companies a reason to deny your application for new credit, a new job, or a new insurance policy since you are deemed a higher risk than someone with healthy credit.

When you get into credit hot water, it may seem as though you have little recourse to correct the problem before it starts costing you. Fortunately, there are several reputable credit repair companies that can lend a necessary hand in getting your credit back on track. Here are our top five credit repair companies to fix your credit report and score.

Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit Repair logoWith a strong reputation among consumers seeking credit repair services, Sky Blue Credit is a strong option with a longstanding 26 years in business. The company has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau due to its commitment to quality customer service, quick results, and affordable pricing. What makes Sky Blue Credit truly stand out is the company’s methodology behind credit repair strategies; it has reviewed and tested different methods to dispute individual credit entries and understands which tactics work best to improve customers’ credit report and score over time.

The cost of working with Sky Blue Credit is $59 per month after a $59 up-front setup fee, and the company promises to work through 15 disputed credit entries every 35 days (up to five for each credit reporting agency). Couples can get special pricing at $99 per month after a $99 setup fee. The monthly subscription program gives individuals the flexibility to correct credit issues plaguing their credit scores over time, and payment is only made after Sky Blue Credit completes the work – not in advance. When customers feel as though their credit is repaired enough, services may be cancelled at any time without future obligation and without a penalty. If you’re ready to get started with Sky Blue Credit to repair and improve your credit report and score, you can contact them easily at (888) 550-1487.

The Credit People

The Credit People logoWith just over 14 years of experience in the credit repair industry and a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, The Credit People offer a solid option for credit improvement and repair. The company’s claim to fame is the speed at which their credit repair experts are able to get customers moving in their right direction with their financial lives. One of the unique features of The Credit People is that the initial credit reports and scores from the three major credit bureaus are gathered at no cost to the customer, saving time and effort for those who are interested in getting started quickly.

The Credit People offer both a monthly subscription and a flat-fee service to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The monthly service is $69 per month with a $19 initial setup fee, while the flat-fee pricing which covers a full six months of service is $299 with a $19 setup fee. Customers can choose what works best for their budget, without any pressure of a contract or an obligation to work with the company for an extended period. If you want to learn more about the services The Credit People have to offer, you can contact them by calling (866) 875-1478

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros logoFounded in 2008, The Credit Pros provide credit report repair and credit score improvement through dedicated one-on-one consultations with certified FICO professionals. The company works directly with each of the three major credit bureaus to dispute inaccurate information on your behalf, including reporting errors, collection accounts and missed or late payments. The Credit Pros have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the company has made the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies for the last two years.

The Credit Pros work a bit differently than other credit repair companies as it relates to its pricing structure. Customers pay an initial fee of $179 to establish the service, and then a $50 fee for each confirmed credit report dispute that is deleted from the customer’s record. A $75 fee is assessed for each public records dispute once it is deleted. Couples have the option to pay a $279 initial setup fee with the same per-item deletion charge. The simple pricing structure offers transparency and an alternative for those who prefer not to pay an ongoing monthly fee. To contact The Credit Pros, you may call (888) 652-5803.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law logoWith over 25 years of expertise in the credit repair field, Lexington Law is one of the most widely known credit repair companies. After a free consultation and credit report review, the company works to dispute credit reporting information that could be negatively affecting a customer’s credit history and score. As a registered law firm, Lexington Law stands out as a top provider of quality credit repair, touting more than 75 million credit report removals in 2015 alone.

Customers working with Lexington Law for credit repair pay an initial setup fee of $99.95 and then a monthly subscription fee as low as $79.95 each month. The company also offers a discount of up to $50 for couples, family members, and active duty military service members. Customers of Lexington Law are under no obligation to continue services if they feel they no longer need credit repair, and there is no penalty for canceling at any time. Individuals interested in learning more about Lexington Law can contact the company directly by calling (855) 617-1318.


CreditRepair.com logoCreditRepair.com also offers services for individuals seeking to improve their credit report and score. The company has more than 18 years of experience completing credit repair for individual consumers, and it has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. What allows CreditRepair.com to stand out among other credit repair companies is its score tracking, analysis, and credit monitoring features offered to customers. It is designed to offer an end-all solution to credit issues that drag down a credit score and customers’ ability to move ahead in their financial lives.

CreditRepair.com services are available with a $14.99 initial setup fee and an ongoing monthly charge of $99.95. Credit monitoring is available at no extra charge to customers, and access to mobile alerts and a robust application are included in the cost. Customers working with CreditRepair.com can cancel their monthly subscription at any time, and there is no long-term contract to sign when starting services. Additional information about the services CreditRepair.com offers can be gathered by calling the company at (866) 573-0338.

Comparison Chart: Notables and Cost

Company Years in Business Initial Setup Cost Service Fee Added Features
Sky Blue Credit 26 $59 $59/mo Debt validation, Goodwill letters, negotiation guidance
The Credit People 14 $19 $69/mo or $299 flat fee Free credit report and score, Unlimited disputes, Inquiry validations
The Credit Pros 7 $179 $50 or $75 per item FICO certified consultants, Unlimited disputes, Live chat
Lexington Law 25 $99.95 $79.95/mo Free credit report and score, Licensed attorney/paralegal consultants, Mobile app
CreditRepair.com 18 $14.99 $99.95/mo Free access to credit report summary, Personalized dashboard, Mobile app and monitoring alerts

Final Thoughts

When you’re in need of credit repair and don’t feel confident enough to go it alone, these credit repair companies have your best interest in mind. Each works to rid your credit report of incorrect or inaccurate information which ultimately boosts your credit score. With healthy credit, you are able to achieve the next level of financial wellness without worrying about credit mishaps holding you back. A fixed credit report is of crucial importance when applying for credit, and will help you get the best interest rate trying to get approved for a credit card, home mortgage loan, auto loan, lines of credit and other types of secured and unsecured loans. Furthermore, insurance companies, employers and other types of companies that are not lenders are checking your credit profile these days too.

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