3 Top Debt Relief Companies – Taxes, Credit Cards and Other Unsecured Debt

Business man writing debt relief in conference roomGetting in over your head with debt can happen for a variety of reasons: unexpected (big) medical bills, tax debts, and overdoing it with credit card purchases. Each one of these common debt issues may require some degree of outside assistance to help get you back on the right path toward financial health. If you’re struggling with debt in the form of taxes, credit cards, or other unsecured debt, it’s beneficial to know which debt relief companies are able to ease some of the financial burdens.

Debt.com: Specializes in Taxes

Debt.com logoTax debt can be an extreme burden on your everyday financial life. Whether it occurred because of withholding miscalculations or misreporting earned income in one or multiple years, coming face to face with the IRS for unpaid taxes is a scary situation. The IRS has the ability to put a levy on your bank accounts, garnish your wages, or place a lien on property or assets in order to collect tax debt owed, creating chaos for your other financial obligations. Fortunately, Debt.com offers a myriad of solutions for tax debt relief.

The Florida-based company provides hundreds of tools and tips for those struggling with taxes owed to the IRS, along with countless educational articles on what debt relief for tax debt entails. Most importantly, though, is the network of tax debt professionals Debt.com has partnered with to make the process of getting out from under the IRS’ thumb a possibility. A simple form can be completed on the website which then connects you to a qualified and licensed tax professional who can help with your specific situation. Debt.com, which is affiliated with Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, offers free consultations and can be reached at (800) 810-0989.

National Debt Relief: Specializes in Credit Card Debt

National Debt Relief logoThe simplicity of applying for and receiving a credit card is beneficial in getting through shortfalls in cash flow from time to time, but overdoing it on credit card spending can quickly lead to trouble. Credit cards are likely to come with a double-digit interest rate, making it difficult to pay back what you owe, especially when credit limits are high. National Debt Relief offers a solution for getting out of credit card debt in a smart, affordable way.

As one of the country’s largest debt settlement companies, National Debt Relief is committed to providing help to individuals and families struggling with the burden of credit card debt. The organization provides several knowledge-building tools on its site, along with debt settlement plans that allow you to negotiate down the amount owed while creating an affordable payment plan to end the cycle of credit card debt. Individuals can quickly obtain a quote for debt settlement relief services offered by National Debt Relief through its online portal. National Debt Relief offers free quotes and can be reached at (866) 507-2003

CuraDebt: All Unsecured Debt

CuraDebt logoTax debt and credit card debt only make up a portion of debt issues for consumers; financial issues can arise due to outstanding medical bills, personal loans, and other unsecured personal debts. The combination of these obligations can quickly lead to being overwhelmed, leaving you feeling like bankruptcy or simply foregoing your payments is the only feasible solution. CuraDebt offers debt relief services when unsecured debts become difficult to manage.

Founded in 2000, CuraDebt is a debt relief company that works to help individuals resolve overwhelming debt issues. Through a network of dedicated and highly-qualified representatives, the company provides advice on unsecured debt settlement options that help you save both time and money. A simple form found on the company’s website can be completed to see what type of help is available for your specific situation and how much could be saved by utilizing a debt relief option provided by CuraDebt. CuraDebt offers free evaluations and can be reached at 888-943-4484.

Final Thoughts

Battling with creditors for personal debts owed, credit cards, or taxes due is a challenge for anyone. Debt relief options are readily available for those who are looking for assistance in clearing the debt load that keeps them from moving forward with their financial life. Utilizing one of the three companies listed gives you the chance to get a better handle on your debt and potentially save money while doing so.

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