Top Home For Sale by Owner Websites

Home for sale by owner yard signOne way to save money when selling your home is to do all the work yourself. Selling your own home can cut out the expensive middlemen such as real estate agents and brokers. This also insures that you have full control of the amount you sell your home for and who purchases your home.
While there is more time and effort involved in selling your own home the internet has helped tremendously. You can find wonderful and informative websites that cater to owners who are selling their own homes or other properties.

Three Best For Sale by Owner Sites

As one of the most popular websites for homeowners wanting to sell their home without an agent, is a vast resource that is both easy to use and affordable. Sellers and buyers can utilize the free tools found on the site, including the pricing scout which estimates a home’s value and finds comparables in nearby neighborhoods. Users also have access to information about real estate characteristics of their local market, all without needing a listing agent or realtor. Each of these tools requires registration with an e-mail address and password, but access to the features is free.

Listing on the Site – For homeowners wishing to use the site for listing their property for sale, there are several package options. The 30-day free listing gives homeowners the ability to list a home on the site without requiring a credit card or subscription, and it includes a standard listing on top home search websites like Redfin and Homefinder. Homeowners can also attach up to 20 photos with the basic package. If the home does not sell in the first 30 days, users have the option to extend the listing for $19.95 per month moving forward. Upgrading to the Super Seller package offers homeowners a listing on the MLS, providing exposure to more than 100 million buyers searching online. The home is also featured in an exclusive offer marketplace through the site and costs nothing for the seller. However, homeowners are required to use a member of the Xome Agent Network to assist with the listing, although no commissions are charged.

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The site also offers a Premium Agent package which boasts 13 times more traffic than competitors, a listing in the MLS, and professional help throughout the process. There is no upfront fee for this option, but each seller pays a 1.99% listing fee once the home is sold. For both upgraded packages, homeowners receive professional photos to add to the listing, as well as placement on Xome, Zillow, Trulia, and

Buying on the Site – Prospective homebuyers can use ForSaleByOwner to search for available properties in their area, compare prices and features of homes without paying a fee. Notifications can also be sent when new listings that match buyer criteria are listed, so long as registration is completed on the site. is a community of websites that work as a vast marketplace for buying and listing homes throughout the United States and Canada. Local experts, like mortgage brokers, non-traditional real estate brokers, and magazine publishers in the real estate market, are partnered with the site on the local level to provide service and resources to homebuyers in a specific market. These experts assist sellers in marketing their home in exchange for a fee. Each local market varies, but a package that includes listing in the MLS and on prominent buyer websites like in a large metropolitan area can starts as low as $275. This basic package includes a six-month listing, up to eight photos, and marketing on Zillow, Trulia, and other sites. Homeowners also receive a home selling success kit online, and they are able to set the commission rate paid to the assisting expert. Additional package options are available for a higher cost, reaching as high as $1,200 for a 12-month listing, unlimited photos, and more exposure to buyer sites. Home buyers have the ability to search for sale by owner properties, compare pricing, and receive new listing notifications after registering.

The FSBO site has a long history of maintaining a large marketplace of homes that are listed as for sale by owner, beneficial for both buyers and sellers in just about any market. Through, sellers have access to two plans with various benefits. Under the FSBO package, homeowners can list their property for sale on the site for up to 12 months, include unlimited photos of the home and a video if desired, and receive a free listing for $99.95. With the MLS package, homeowners gain access to an MLS and listing for up to six months, syndication to Zillow, Trulia and other buyer sites, as well as an listing. The MLS package also includes a buyer’s broker commission that is set upfront, ranging from 2-3%. This package costs a flat fee of $399.95. All sellers who utilize the site get access to additional resources and supplies helpful in the home selling process, including yard signs and expert advice along the way. Buyers using FSBO can search all listed properties without signing up for a subscription or paying a one-time fee, but registration online is required.

Final Thoughts

In order to successfully sell your own home without the expensive real estate agent and broker fees you will need the right information and support. Using a top notch For Sale by Owner Website will provide you with some great resources and are available to help. Helpful websites like, and are crucial to understanding the housing market and getting the best price for your home. Just be sure to read the fine print in the pricing because you may still need to pay a buyer’s agent commission if you want to also attract buyers working with agents and brokers through an MLS. Even so, you can still save a considerable amount of money by not paying listing agent commission.

If you’re looking for the absolute basics, don’t forget websites like Zillow and Craigslist. You won’t get much assistance, but they both attract a ton of traffic, with buyers looking online to find properties to buy. Regardless how you sell your home, we recommend listing your property for sale with those two sites too. They’re free and provide a ton of additional exposure for your home. Just keep in mind, there are expert real estate agents in your local area who can help you get top dollar for your house, condominium or land, and avoid legal issues down the road.

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Comments & Discussion

9 Responses to “Top Home For Sale by Owner Websites”

Sarah Park February 7, 2013

Thanks for sharing these sites. Selling you home personally will save you a lot rather than getting a middleman.

Sue July 23, 2017

Zillow has lowered out home estimate twice in one week since I tried to post our home on its website three weeks ago. They’ve never posted it. Have had contact with their customer serice to no avail. Even the representative didn’t have an answer.

Wes July 26, 2017

I’m sorry to hear that sue. I haven’t heard of anyone else having an issue.

Maureen July 30, 2017

Zillow did exactly the same to us as a Sue. Ignored our request (nearly a week ago) to post our home & open house FSBO — and has downgraded our zestimate twice. Also haven’t responded to our e-mail re: their customer dis-service. Very disappointing. Zillow doesn’t want FSBOs & shouldn’t pretend to.
We went w/ Craig’s list, ForSaleByOwner (both great!) and FB posts. Open house today – we’ll see!

Alice August 7, 2017

Zillow also did not respond to my email; I have pictures on the owner site that you cannot see on the public site and they will not respond to why or how to correct the problem. very unprofessional; and the automatic transfer to Trulia is only half there.

Brenda November 10, 2017

Zillow does not want FSBO. Our home was dropped 3,000 dollars AFTER a major remodeling that included new metal roof, new gutters and complete inside remodel. Will not give us an answer as to why. If you look at Zillow images on houses the ones listed with a realtor are much higher. Shame on Zillow for acting like they want FSBO. They have hurt our ability to sell our home.

Wes November 10, 2017

Hi Brenda, I’m sorry to hear that. Also, I assume you mean the value was dropped by $3,000 after a major remodeling. That was probably just coincidental, as the value of my homes go up and down by a few thousand dollars regularly and I don’t have them listed at all. Plus, it probably has no idea about your remodel. That last time I checked I think you could submit an explanation as to why you think your home should be worth more. I tried helping a friend with that a couple of years ago, but didn’t have any success. At least Zillow hadn’t responded or taken action that I know of before the home sold. Have you tried that yourself yet? Having been a realtor in the past and someone that owns a couple of home now, I think Zillow over-values them more often than not. My recommendation is to not worry too much about what Zillow says your home is worth. My friend ended up selling his home for about $170K – 50K more than what Zillow valued it at. He held open houses every weekend, all weekend long and sold it in just over a month.

Kris Lippi December 17, 2017

Good article! These websites do save the home owner money BUT I know that a savvy FSBO home seller can do better with a local FSBO flat fee mls site. You see, these websites are national referral portals that take your payment and then hand you off to a local broker and they take a cut. The home seller who made the purchase doesn’t have any input into who they work with and the quality of the flat fee brokers services. A good tip is to google “flat fee MLS listing ” and see what local brokers are offering this service, check out their websites and online reviews.

Wes December 26, 2017

Thanks for the input Kris, but flat-fee MLS and For-sale-by-owner are two completely separate methods of selling your home. Sure there is plenty of overlap, but many of the FSBO plans listed here don’t include an multiple listing service (MLS) listing, which can save the home owner additional fees if they are able to sell their home without listing it with an MLS. Not to say a flat-fee MLS listing is any better or worse, just a little different.