Velocity Community Credit Union (FL) offering $295 off Mortgage Closing Costs

Velocity Community Credit Union logoBuying a home is still very much a part of the American dream. Real estate is viewed as a strong asset in most markets, and affordable financing through low-interest rate mortgages makes the prospect of home-ownership a reality for some individuals and families. There are, however, costs included in buying a home that can add up to make the process less budget-friendly, including the down payment and closing costs. To ease the financial pressure of home buying, individuals should take the time to compare offers from different banks, credit unions, and other mortgage lenders before taking the leap into buying a home.

Promotional Offer Details

Currently, Velocity Community Credit Union in Florida is offering $295 off closing costs for new mortgages. The promotion is available for applications submitted now through May 31, 2017, and both purchase and refinance mortgages may be eligible for the closing cost discount. Borrowers must close on their new mortgage loan by July 31, 2017, in order to receive the full closing cost discount.

All borrowers interested in a new mortgage for either a home purchase or a refinance of an existing home loan must qualify based on credit history, score, income, and an evaluation of other monthly debt obligations. Interest rates offered for new conventional mortgage loans as well as refinanced loans vary depending on these qualifying criteria.

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Membership Requirements

In addition to qualifying based on creditworthiness, all borrowers listed on a mortgage loan application must first be members of Velocity Community Credit Union. In order to qualify for membership, you must fall in one of the following categories:

  • Individuals who live, work, worship, or volunteer in Palm Beach County
  • Individuals who attend school in Palm Beach County
  • Individuals who have family members who are eligible for membership with the Credit Union

About Velocity Community CU

Velocity Community Credit Union started as Florida Aircraft Federal Credit Union in 1958, and it now serves the community of Palm Beach County Flordia with a variety of traditional banking products and solutions. In addition to mortgage options for home purchases and refinancing, Velocity Community Credit Union also offers deposit accounts, personal lending products, and general financial advice. The credit union operates four full-service branch locations as well as a large network of co-op ATMs.

Contact Information

Current and prospective homeowners interested in the closing cost discount offered by Velocity Community Credit Union may gather additional information by visiting a branch location, contacting a member service representative at 800-872-4517, or visiting the credit union online.

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